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Providing vessel schedule and container information for our partner ports Auckland and Tauranga

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What is the PortConnect API?

The PortConnect API is a simple REST service that can be used to send and retrieve data from PortConnect.  PortConnect receives container event information 24 hours a day from our partner ports the Ports of Auckland and the Port of Tauranga.

You can explore and test the available APIs in this developer portal, connected to live data.

Full documentation and examples are available here.

Pricing information is available on our main website here.

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POST /v1/subscriptions

"containers": [
{ "containerNumber": "MEDU3085895"},
{ "containerNumber": "APHU6303593"},
{ "containerNumber": "MEDU5129708"}
"webhookURI": "https://api.yourcompany.co.nz/webhooks/",
"webhookToken": "yoursecret",
"portCode": "NZTRG",
"category": "IMPORT",
"eventTypeCode": "AVAILABLE",
"facilityCode": null

Our APIs


Scheduled Vessels

Vessel information, including arrival and departure times, updated every 30 minutes

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Container Visits

The latest information on container movements, including clearance status and location

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Shipping Lines

An API specifically for shipping lines to supply booking information and to pre-advise empty containers to storage

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